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ROIDMI S1E Cordless 100AW Stick Vacuum

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The ultra-light ROIDMI® S1E Cordless Stick Vacuum delivers a powerful suction of 100 Air Watts, quietly and efficiently. Easily switch included and optional attachments and turn it into a convenient hand vacuum for different cleaning applications.  Now includes a bonus crevice tool and dusting brush.

Check out our wide assortment of accessories such as; mopping kit, pet brush, flexible extension hose, and mini motorized brush.

  • 100 AW of Suction Power
  • Up to 40 Minutes of Run Time
  • 80,000 RPM
  • Ultra Lightweight 1.3kg/2.9lbs
  • 18,000Pa Tornado Vacuum
  • Ultra Quiet 72db(A)


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  • Winner of 6 International Design Awards for its sleek, geometric design.



  • At only 1.3kg (2.9lbs) the ultra lightweight and ergonomic design helps to reduce fatigue while providing effortless control when cleaning.


  • The ergonomically designed 270° handle incorporating on/off and speed buttons, no trigger switch, makes it easy to use in any angle.



  • The powerful brushless digital motor spins at 80,000RPM to produce 100 Air Watts of suction.



The powerful lithium battery only takes 2.5 hours to charge and delivers up to 40 minutes of run time in standard mode and 10 minutes in enhanced mode.



The soft, woven, nylon roller brush is specially designed to clean floors without hair wrapping around the roller.


  • The multi-angle motorized head can swivel 270° to reach small corners and easily maneuvers under furniture and beds being a thin 6.6cm/2.6” high.



  • The magnetic storage and charging mount discreetly holds the vacuum & the charging cord for convenience.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 64 × 38.5 × 13 cm
Battery Type

Lithium Ion

Battery Capacity

2200 mAH / 48Wh

Battery Duration

40/10 Minutes

Battery Charging Time


Storage Capacity


Suction force


Engine Force


Noise level


Nominal voltage


Engine speed

80,000 RPM


Moon Gray

34 reviews for ROIDMI S1E Cordless 100AW Stick Vacuum

  1. Oz123

    IM SO HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE!!!! Great suction, my floors have never been so dust free! The battery only lasts about 15 minutes or so, I’l be purchasing an additional battery as I tend to do all my vacuuming at one time. I love the front light on it. I have mostly hardwood floors with a few large area rugs and it works great on both. I have been researching vacuums for almost 2 months and because of the millions of mixed reviews on every brand I just had no idea which one would be a good fit. I rolled the dice with this one as the price was lower than the dyson and shark models I was comparing. I also chose the Hoover because it had a removable battery with the option to get additional batteries. Most cordless vacuums I saw all seem to have a short run time. This one meets all of my needs .

  2. Purpie

    At first I thought it seemed light and wimpy. It’s quiet and I had it on the lower of to levels to start. It seemed like the bottom pick up area was too light in weight to stay flat on the floor, but it did, and it picked up debris like a charm! My first pass through the house just to try it quickly impressed me! I had vacuumed less than a week ago and this picked up a half canister full of dog hair and debris I never saw on my light colored floors. I was amazed by just a quick test pass through a couple rooms that it had done that much. It’s light, easily maneuverable around spaces and quiet. The unit can be mounted on a magnetic base that is powerful holding up the vacuum. It‚Äôs easy to grab from the magnet base and the magnet grabs it securely upon replacement. There is another roller attachment I haven‚Äôt tried but my only complaint is that I wish it had a spot on the unit to attach it because you just have to find a place in your home otherwise. The canister is easy to remove and release debris from, and there is a little brush ( that I also wish had a place to attach to on the unit) to clean off the filter area. All in all, it‚Äôs powerful, quiet and easy to use this effective stick.

  3. Anonymous

    The ROIDMI S1E 100AW Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a vacuum i feel is great for people who like lightweight vacuums. I dont like dragging heavy vacuums so this vacuum is the answer. I like the storing feature with the magnetic pod it sticks to. It works good. The suction is powerful for a lightweight. Its nice looking, easy to clean , cleans furniture well and gets corners of hard floors nicely. I highly recommend this vacuum.

  4. Joseph67

    After receiving my ROIDMI S1E 100AW Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner it has been super easy to clean up after a hard day’s work – very happy

  5. Pimpc

    I’m loving this ROIDMI S1E 100AW Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner! It’s super handy to have! Easy to use and not as bulky as a big old vacuum ! This is quick n easy and works great!! Very pleased with this product!

  6. Angelas

    I received the ROIDMI S1E 100AW Stick Vacuum Cleaner as a sample from Bazaarvoice as a sample. I love it it is rechargeable so I don’t have to worry about cords. I just vacuum my apartment which is 2 bedrooms and all laminate with one charge and I’m done in less time than using a swifter or broom.

  7. Anonymous

    This is a lightweight, well-designed vacuum that does general cleaning well. It’s easy to assemble. Charging is quick and the battery lasts a good amount of time. It has good suction and is easy to maneuver around.

  8. Mellgbab

    This is a great vacuum and picks up pet hair like a big household vacuum would. The way it’s made is easy for anyone to operate and easy to maneuver on carpet and on hard floor. I enjoy the size and the materials how it’s made is a great product! Better then most other models made like this.

  9. Anonymous

    Despite being lightweight the ROIDMI S1E 100AW Cordless Stick Vacuum has a lot of power. It made vaccuming up after 2 cats, and a two year old a breeze. I used the roller attachment that is specifically designed for hardwood floors. When i emptied the dust bin I was surprised by how much it picked up; including a ton of cat hair, something our previous vacuums struggled with. The vacuum has a two speed setting, low and high. I’m able to vaccum my entire apartment on the high setting, without the battery running out. The only cons I have are that it comes with no other attachments other than a roller brush for hardwood floors and an attachment for carpet. I really think it should come with other attachments for the sofa, curtains, and other upholstery. Also, the mountable stand magnet is too weak to hold the vacuum, without the support of the attachment.

  10. TheirDad

    Great suction. You can’t tell by the size the power this vacuum has. It picks up fine dirt with ease. We have dogs and it’s inevitable that they will shed hair. I didn’t have to take a seat to unwind the hair from the roller. It sucks it right up. I was pleasantly surprised at how long the battery lasted. We use it mainly for the family room and we’ve only had to charge it once in the last couple weeks. I’m sure that would be more if we used it for the whole house. With just 1 press of a button we’re able to use it as a hand vac as well. It hasn’t gotten clogged on us once. If you’re looking for a space saving, high powered vacuum cleaner, this is the one.

  11. Diane Perry

    I own one and I just purchased 2 more. One will be for my 2nd floor and one will be a gift. This is a small, lightweight and powerful little vacuum. The battery lasts long enough for me to do a light touch up on my main level living home. I use it everyday in the kitchen and for random cat litter the cats have tracked near their cat box. This is a winner. Spend the money and forget the cheap ones, this one is a winner.

  12. Joanna

    great vacuum. I highly recommend it

  13. Rick

    It has good suction and works well not winding hair around the roller, but is lacking a short tube and a crevice tool for vacuuming between seat cushions, and getting into tight places!


    It came well packaged. It is small and light – perfect for my apartment. It has a spare filter and soft roller brush. All in all very happy with this purchase. Yes it would be nice if there were attachment brushes – but I knew they were not in my order.

  15. Honeybee2254

    An all-around top-notch performer! It does such a good job at cleaning carpets and bare floors! I like the fact that it comes with two rollers and an extra filer.
    The suction is super impressive and even the plastic on the vacuum doesn’t feel cheap or brittle like it does on other stick there vacs I’ve tried in the past.
    The Dust bin also pops in and out with ease and I can actually take it all apart and clean it. I would recommend this unit to anyone looking for a great stick vacuum.

  16. Juan

    Needs to come with attachments

  17. Susan

    This has been an excellent purchase. I have been extremely satisfied about this purchase. Wish I’d bought this years ago.

  18. joseph

    great little vac great on wood floors and low carpet.great for getting under furniture

  19. Denise

    Battery doesn’t last long, only for me to vacuum 3 of my rooms and then it dies. I wish I would’ve tried the Dyson.

  20. HomeDepotCustomer

    Perfect for stair! Lightweight, & easy to handle

  21. Newbie

    Great sweeper with great suction. Easy to clean cup.

  22. kent

    A lightweight yet powerful vacuum. Go into this purchase with the understanding that it is STILL a small vacuum, so dont expect the mega suction of a larger piece of equipment. If you regularly use it, it can handle everything you throw at it. I am yet to be disappointed!


    Package looked like it included the necessary accessories but once we opened the box we realized no accessories were included. Very disappointed. We Returned the vacuum

  24. Jayson Gilligan

    Fantastic vacuum cleaner. Works great as a standalone unit for the 2nd floor of our home!

  25. Ron

    It does exactly what we needed to quickly clean up our tile floors after visitors leave after dinner.

  26. Sketcher

    Great lite weight vacume. I bought this for my tile office floors which I am now able to vacuum without having to plug into the wall outlet. I get several uses before charging is required.

  27. Janice

    It is very light with lots of power. I like it a lot. Charge last long enough to sweep a small house. They do need to add attachments though.

  28. Ruby

    Dust catcher is small and must be empty often while in use with pets.Battery runs down quickly, especially if being used at higher power setting. My home is less than 1,300 square feet and I am unable to vacuum whole house in one charge.

  29. Tooler

    Very good product. I recommend.

  30. Jay

    Easy to use/picks up dirt!

  31. HomeDepotCustomer

    4.5 review. Only draw back is having to change the brush head from carpet to floor, however, this is a really good stick vacuum for the price. Has 2 power levels which is great for some of my thick carpets. I used removable velcro command strip for the magnetic wall attachment.

  32. Msglitter

    I was leary about this purchase however this vacuum has become my GO TO vacuum. I love it!!! Picks up most everything and very lightweight. I would highly recommend it …picks up dog hair too and does a great job.

  33. Deek

    The directions to assemble unit and empty canister are not very clear but it works like a dream.

  34. Patricia Harris

    I like many of the feature of this vaccum including weight and ease of handling. the on/off button is difficult to turn on very stiff. There are no attachment included with this model which is not clear in the description.

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