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ROIDMI S1 Special Cordless 120AW Stick Vacuum

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The ultra-light ROIDMI® S1 Special Cordless Stick Vacuum delivers a powerful suction of 120 Air Watts, quietly and efficiently. Easily switch attachments and turn it into a convenient hand vacuum for different cleaning applications.

  • 120 AW of Suction Power
  • Up to 50 Minutes of Run Time
  • 100,000 RPM
  • Ultra Lightweight 1.5kg/3.3lbs
  • 20,000Pa Tornado Vacuum
  • Ultra Quiet 72db(A)

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      Powerful Brushless Digital Motor:

  • The powerful brushless digital motor spins at 100,000RPM to produce 120 Air Watts of suction.


      Up to 50 Minutes of Run Time:

  • The 8 powerful lithium battery cells only takes 2.5 hours to charge and delivers up to 50 minutes of run time in standard mode and 10 minutes in enhanced mode.


    • At only 1.5kg (3.3lbs) the ultra lightweight and ergonomic design helps to reduce fatigue while providing effortless control when cleaning.



    • The ergonomically designed 270° handle incorporating on/off and speed buttons, no trigger switch, makes it easy to use in any angle.


    • The soft, woven, nylon roller brush is specially designed to clean floors without hair wrapping around the roller.



    • The multi-angle motorized head can swivel 270° to reach small corners and easily maneuvers under furniture and beds being a thin 6.6cm/2.6” high.


    • The magnetic storage and charging mount discreetly holds the vacuum & the charging cord for convenience.



    • Winner of 6 International Design Awards for its sleek, geometric design.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 64 × 38.5 × 13 cm
Battery Type

Lithium Ion

Battery Capacity


Battery Duration

50/10 Minutes

Battery Charging Time


Storage Capacity


Suction force


Engine Force


Noise level


Nominal voltage


Engine speed

100,000 RPM



25 reviews for ROIDMI S1 Special Cordless 120AW Stick Vacuum

  1. Natoc9802

    I’m so extremely happy we got this vacuum! My life has literally been changed!! I have had such a hard time vacuuming my stairs for the last few years because of my back. Not anymore!! This cordless vacuum is so lightweight that I can carry it up the stairs with one hand and the brush head is the perfect width of my stairs so they are clean with one pass. It’s also SO quiet!!! My family didn’t even know that I was vacuuming today. The dog even wasn’t scared! I can’t believe how much dirt it picked up too! I think I’m in LOVE!!

  2. Joshw

    This is an awesome vacuum.. awesome how it’s cordless.. charge time isn’t too bad..only bad thing is the battery life is very short… but I like all the’s lightweight and easy to use.

  3. BusyMom2002

    This is nice. I can get under everything finally. Feeling like I have now achieved a deep clean without moving my furniture. Love that it’s cordless and pretty lightweight. Definitely can clean the way I like to clean and do it easily.

  4. sj26

    I’ve always kept a cordless vacuum for small jobs but have been hesitant to replace my corded upright for deep cleanings. However this vacuum has the same power as a corded, but super light and easy to use so I can’t finally cut the cord for good. Its super quiet, light, gets in small places and gets all of my dog hair! The battery charge lasts long enough to get the whole house with extra charge to go. I do have to empty it frequently with the dog hair. I have long hair and it doesn’t get wrapped around the roller, which is huge! It’s also just really pretty so I don’t mind leaving it out sometimes.

  5. blueclean

    I have a little army of vacuums right now, each with their own niche, and this one is still a keeper. Impressive power and suction, while being very light and compact – also quite stylish! The materials seem high quality – with aluminum tubing instead of plastic, for example. The power switch is a little non-intuitive in that you have to hold it down a second or two to activate/turn-off, otherwise everything is very intuitive. Only other critique is that the waste bin is very small and has tight airspace in parts of the canister, making it challenging to remove clumps of pet hair or stuffing from destroyed doggie toys (which is a job better suited for a bigger vacuum). This is now my “go-to” for quick pick ups and tight spaces. So appreciate the low-profile docking option for hanging in the closet. Would highly recommend this. Best stick vac I’ve used.

  6. busyguy7447

    I use this vacuum to keep up with the endless supply of cat hair in the room where our three cats live. The unit is compact and has great suction. One pass is generally enough to get stuff off the floor. The unit is slightly top-heavy though and I have to set it in a corner to empty or clean things. The magnet that holds the unit against the wall is strong, however, and it’s easy to keep the unit charged. This is a good product and a good value.

  7. Anonymous

    The cordless vacuum was really awesome! Finally, I can get rid of annoying wires. I’ve already had irobot to clean my house, but for some of the corners, I need to spend more time fully cleaning corners, such as under sofa and beds by myself. This vacuum cleaner is very powerful and you can feel its suction is very fast. Also, the duration of the battery is very nice, and I used it for 60 mins and the cleaner still runs very well. Moreover, I really like the ultra-lightweight and ergonomic, easy-to-control design, e.g., speed buttons and handle over 180 degrees angles and even my teenager can help me to clean the house.

  8. Joevol001

    The ROIDMI S1 special stick vacuum is the most powerful, yet lightweight stick vacuum that I have owned. I’ve used it on my regular carpet, household rugs, hardwood floor, and tile floor. The suction power is as good as any full size standard vacuum I’ve used before. There carpets are fluffy and no dirt or debris left behind. I love that I can adjust the power setting depending on the surface I am using the vacuum on. The stick vacuum is so lightweight, I can carry it up and down my stairs with little to no effort. I’m beyond pleased with everything about this vacuum!

  9. Jsotam76

    Of all the household chores that seem to stack up sweeping is BY FAR my most dreaded daily duty. Its such a pointless endeavor since as soon as you sweep dust starts settling again and the process never truly ends! Plus that horrible dust pan line! I could not wait to give this stick vacuum a try. I had purchased other similar brands and while I loved the functionality they just didn’t perform. This is a game changer in my house. I am now cleaning my floors in under 10 minutes a day! My son is 8 and even helps out now because it is so easy to use and lightweight. I charge it once a week in under two hours as well! The shape of the spinning head prevents that ultra annoying hair that generally binds other machine up or had to be taken apart and cut off. I haven’t had to do that even one time with this machine. Its thin enough to slide under my couch and kitchen cabinet baseboards. I am so very happy I found this stick vacuum!

  10. Brothers wren

    The entire experience of this broom is like it’s from the future. I can tell why this won design awards so if you appreciate good design you’ll like this broom. I’m not a huge fan of the red but it doesn’t bother me. The positives, our kids use it, it’s light enough for them and they think it’s fancy so they like to use it. It’s really powerful if you kick up the power. You can really get it under things, really flexible. It has plenty of configurations for whatever task. You can remove the roller and swap it for a foam one which in itself is a great feature to unclog things or clean off the roller. It works really well if you accept it’s limitations. This vacuum only sucks up small things like dust and crumbs. It just pushes around anything bigger. You’re never going to suck up a lego or any small toys. Here’s the biggest disappointment, charging. It has this really slick magnetic mount but it doesn’t really do anything. You still have to plug it in, I was hoping it charged wirelessly or with contacts. It’s fine, the charging takes a couple of hours and if you run it on high it lasts for 10 – 15 minutes. Overall we really like it, it’s a little vacuum, reminds me of the dust buster we had as a kid.

  11. Mish

    very good product! suction super good! is very good quality. very comfortable. For a medium house this excellent! has very good power!

  12. HomeDepotCustomer

    Rating provided by a verified purchaser.

  13. ina hack

    I use this product to clean my floors. It’s my new and different broom. It is great for picking up pet hair. It is light weight. It maneuvers to where you can get in corners and close to baseboards.
    The canister is small and has to be emptied after each use. The only thing I don’t like about the product is it won’t stand alone-there’s no way to lock the handle so it can stand alone. However, I would buy it again.

  14. Roberto Alfredo

    Excellent product, super powerful, easy to used around difficult places in home. We have another in our RV, the best!!!

  15. Stephen

    Works great on our hardwood floors, picking up dog and people hair with no issues. Battery lasts long enough to do a 3-bedroom house on one charge on regular power. Very happy with the purchase!

  16. John

    Works great, but only works for 10-15 minutes (on high) before battery dies. Recharging battery takes hours.

  17. EICid

    The vacuum has good suction and it holds a charge better than I thought it would. It is very light weight so it is easy to vacuum my stairs and carry to different parts of the house. My problem is that the debris canister is so small that you only vacuum for a few minutes before you have to dump the canister. If I were using it to clean my car it would be fantastic but I bought it to be a convenient vacuum for my house so that I didn’t have to keep moving the plug for my traditional vacuum every few minutes. Now, instead of moving a plug every few minutes I am emptying a debris canister every few minutes. That is a bit dissapointing.

  18. MikeG

    Works well and battery life is good

  19. Nola

    Nice power. Wheels seem inadequate and destined to fail. Coulda sworn it was advertised as having a headlamp . . . A very useful feature, as anyone who’s uAnyway! Knows. Anyway, this unit does not have one. Nice looking anyway!

  20. HomeDepotCustomer

    It’s pretty good- the battery life lasts fairly long and suction is pretty good as well!

  21. Speif

    Great cordless compared to smae Dyson

  22. HomeDepotCustomer

    Works great as advertised

  23. Pittsburgher

    Good suction, run time only 10-15 minutes. Not as easy to switch to the smaller head as I expected.

  24. Chuck G

    This thing sucks. 5 stars!

  25. micro68

    I’ve owned several Dyson vacuums and have been pretty satisfied. I figured I’d try something new and the design and performance of the Roidmi vacuums is terrific. So glad with my new vacuum!

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